If there is not an active KOMA PRN chapter in your city, please consider starting one. Click here for "how to" instruct ions in 6 easy steps.

Enough with the virtual socializing, it’s time for real world fun. Contact your local osteopathic physicians & students, but don’t limit participation to the osteopathic community. Invite ALL your physician friends & colleagues.

Meetings will be posted on our homepage and on the EVENTBRITE App. Although it is not necessary, if you sign up there it will be on your e-calendar and helps us to get a table quicker. We look forward to seeing you soon!

KOMA PRN Chapters are the social side of our professional organization. KOMA PRN Chapters may gather at restaurants or a hotel bar/restaurant to actually socialize and network. We are deliberately keeping the format informal. We had our first meeting in Louisville in April of 2016 at the Captain's Quarters Restaurant on the riverfront with drinks and dinner. 

It's an opportunity to informally discuss how to handle issues you are seeing in your daily practice, issues with payors, hospitals, other provider groups, nursing homes, etc. It is also an opportunity for KOMA to work with you in helping to find the answers/solutions to your problems. Also, If you are considering working for a given healthcare employer or moving to a different area of the state, this is your opportunity to get the lay of the land and find out what the reputation of the ER or the political environment in that area with regard to healthcare. It is also an opportunity for KOMA to work with you in finding the answers/solutions to your problems. The only cost to attendees