Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association

The Mission of the Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association shall be to enhance the availability of quality healthcare in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and provide education and support services to its physician and medical student members.

History Of KOMA

KOMA has long been a backbone in supporting osteopathic physicians and their patients in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. From providing continuing education opportunities, keeping osteopathic medical students involved and informed, and keeping a finger on the pulse of legislative agendas in the state capital, the Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association has been and will continue to be there for the osteopathic physicians of Kentucky as well as the patients who rely on these dedicated doctors for their health and well-being.
Samantha Olzeski, DO
KOMA President

Vision of KOMA

The vision of the Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association is to support the rights and practices of osteopathic physicians in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; to ensure that the latest techniques and procedures are brought to the physicians to ensure current and approved practices are available to the patients in Kentucky; and to protect the future practices of the students and future osteopathic physicians in Kentucky and around the United States.
Vishnu Joshi, DO
KOMA Immediate Past-President


The Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association (KOMA) serves as a resource to D.O.'s around the state for information and education. KOMA protects the interests of Osteopathic Physicians before regulatory agencies and the General Assembly in Frankfort. KOMA provides its membership with a statewide network of D.O.'s. Our KOMA Professional Regional Networks (PRN) chapters provide a forum to network with other physicians in your area and regularly interface with the state organization. If there is an issue or problem our members are seeing in practice, KOMA may be able to assist you. We want to improve medical care and accessibility for patients and improve the practice environment for the physicians in our state. There are many leadership opportunities within KOMA. With the rapid changes in the profession at a national level and state level, it is more important now than ever to unite with other Osteopathic Physicians. We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities provided by KOMA and participate in the activities we offer.
Jerome Dixon, DO
KOMA Foundation President